Who Am I? How to reclaim your life after divorce.

This course is a gift to your true self, helping you find purpose after a divorce or relationship breakup.

It’s very common to ask ‘Who am I?’ after a major traumatic life event such as divorce. Suddenly faced with a huge life upheaval, the big questions of life rear their head and rock us to the core. In this course, we will look at what holds us back from the freedom to be the fabulous person we really are, (and YOU ARE FABULOUS, even if right now you don't believe it!). Then we look at how you can resolve those limitations. PERMANENTLY. We will look at the quickest and most effective ways to get your mojo back and move on purposefully in your life with confidence and a spring in your step.

The aim of this course is for you to be able to see yourself differently, and as a consequence feel better about yourself

This is a fabulous gift to give your self because it means:

  • Understanding what happened and why

  • Discovering who you really are (which is powerful and fabulous!)

  • Knowing what it means to be living life as the true you, and how to do that

  • Having some ideas for making practical changes to consolidate your new understandings

  • Being able to maintain the momentum as you continue to discover more about yourself

A relationship breakup can shake you to the core of your being

  • Do you keep finding yourself asking why, and trying to make sense of the situation you find yourself in

  • Maybe the same issues are going around and around in your head like a tape loop with no resolution or relief in sight?

  • Perhaps you find yourself continually doubting yourself and your ability to make good decisions?

Help is at hand!

This course will help you gain clarity about yourself, understand why you are in the situation you are in, and guide you to the key areas to focus on so you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and recover your sense of self

As a result you will be able to

  • reclaim your true identity

  • raise your self appreciation and self esteem

  • reduce stress and increase energy

  • move out the old and make way for the new

  • know how to value yourself

"I was lost and alone when my marriage broke up. I was without hope. I honestly felt my life was over.

"Fast forward to now and things are very different and frankly so much better than when I was married - even though I thought I was happy at the time!"

Sara Gibbons

Best selling author of 'Rise Again After Divorce' and with a Doctorate in Client Transformation and Quantum Counselling, Sara has worked with hundreds of clients over the years, helping them to move on after trauma, develop a better relationship with themselves and create the life they want. Now, in her online courses, she is sharing her experience and skills more widely including the lessons learnt from her own painful divorce.

What others have said about this course:

This course has helped me to unlock some of the deep emotions that I had been struggling with! My motto had always been to put others first, and never felt important enough to value my own needs.... with the help and clear support from Sara I feel it's beginning to change!Thank you, I feel I have been helped to see a brighter future.

June Egerton

Great guidance with inspiring methods to keep me going. The course was really well laid out, encouraging and supporting.

Kathleen Brown

Very factual! Learned a ton!

Margaret Musa

Have a peek inside...

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  • 1

    Section 1 Welcome To The Course And Getting Started

    • 1:1 Welcome!

    • 1:1b How to use this course

    • 1:1c Before we begin...

    • 1:2 Who Am I? My Story

    • 1:3 Task One – Reduce stress and increase energy

    • 1:4 Action Step One – a tool to keep you on track

    • 1:5 Action Step Two – a tool to help clear the old and make way for the new

  • 2

    Section 2 What Happened and Why

    • 2:1 Introduction-Divorce is not the end and it doesn't define you

    • 2:2 Starting to Reclaim Your True Identity

    • 2.3 Task Two – Changing perspective

    • 2:4 Vision for the future

    • 2:5 Action Step Three- Embedding a new perspective Gratitude, Appreciation, Acceptance, Letting Go, Being Loving

    • 2:6 The lie of the fairy tale – it’s time to re-evaluate

    • 2:7 How did I get to this point?

    • 2:8 Why did you get married?

    • 2:9 Conclusion and key takeaways of Section 2

  • 3

    Section 3 Discovering Who You Really Are (Powerful and Fabulous!)

    • 3.1 Introduction: Enjoy Discovering You and Your Self Worth

    • 3:2 Task Four – Raising Self Appreciation and Self Esteem

    • 3:3 Knowing your value

    • 3:4 Task Five – What gets in the way of you being you?

    • 3:5 Do you feel responsible for others?

    • 3:6 Are others responsible for you?

    • 3:7 The pitfall of people pleasing

    • 3:8 Why is it so hard to change behaviour, even if you know it's for the better?

    • 3:9 Action Step Five- Consolidating what you have uncovered

    • 3:10 Conclusion and Key Takeaways of Section 3

  • 4

    Section 4 : Living Life As The True You

    • 4.1 Introduction: The Barrier

    • 4:2 The Power of Conditioning:"It's as much about what you stop doing, as what you do"

    • 4:3 Moving Through Conditioning- Being In The Present

    • 4:4 Moving Through Conditioning - Question Everything

    • 4:5 Moving Through Conditioning - See Others As Your Mirror

    • 4:6 Conclusion and Key Takeaways of Section 4

  • 5

    Section 5: Making Practical Changes

    • 5:1 Introduction - Simple and Practical Steps to Reinforce Your Self Identity and Self Worth

    • 5:2 Making Space

    • 5:3 Healthy Lifestyle

    • 5:4 Conclusion and key takeaways of Section 5

  • 6

    Next Steps: Maintaining The Momentum

    • Congratulations! Course Summary

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

  • 7

    BONUS #1 A straightforward guide to health and self care

    • Bonus #1 A straightforward guide to health and self care

  • 8

    BONUS #2 A fun guide to charting your progress

    • Bonus No2: A fun guide to charting your progress

  • 9

    BONUS #3 How to help yourself if you're feeling stuck when getting to your goals

    • Bonus #3 How to help yourself if you're feeling stuck when getting to your goals

  • 10

    BONUS #4 Divorce Be Gone, Let's Move On! The Webinar

    • Bonus #4 Webinar covering The 5 Keys To Moving On After Divorce

What will this course do for you?

It will show you that you are NOT all the pesky, non-serving, negative self chatterings and beliefs that keep you trapped. And it will help you discover who you really are - which is fabulous, courageous, and soooo worthy of the life you yearn for.

It is important to know how to drop all that is not serving you, so you can stop going around the same tape loop and as a consequence put an end to your suffering. Then you can discover all you are and were meant to be and can break out into the sunshine!

You get all this ...

Here's what we cover:

  • We'll look at what happened and why, as well as how to look at your situation with new eyes so you can begin to develop a new and healthy vision for your future

  • Then we'll look in more depth at discovering who you really are, including raising your self-esteem, and knowing your value.

  • I'll show you how to live life as your true self, including how to spot and move past the sneaky barriers that cause so many problems.

  • We'll also look at practical changes you can make to clear your personal space and improve your health, to reinforce your sense of self-worth

  • Along the way there will be tools and tips to help with difficulties such as keeping on track, maintaining your sense of self value, handling challenges and stress and more

  • Finally, there is a section on helpful ways to keep up the momentum you have built up

PLUS - you get all these valuable bonuses too...

BONUS #1 : Worth $27

The 'GOOD HEALTH AND SELF CARE' ebook - a simple guide to health and wellbeing

To get the most out of life, you need to feel well physically, as well as mentally and emotionally.

Yet knowing how to do that can be elusive and confusing.  There is so much varied and conflicting information, and you can get easily swamped and find it hard to know where to start or what to change.  

After 30+ years of researching health and wellness, both for myself and as a nutritional and health coach, this is my distilled guide to keeping it simple, manageable and above all, effective. And it's yours for FREE as a bonus with this course.

If you feel well and energised then everything in life is so much easier.

BONUS #2 : Worth $15

A fun tool to help you keep on track

This flexible tool can be really useful to show you how things are changing over the weeks, particularly when progress is gradual.

It can be set up however you like, to fit with your topics and to suit your needs.

Bonus # 4 : Worth $17

A guide to help you when you're feeling stuck trying to reach your goals

Does a happy fulfilling life seem out of reach?

Do your goals and dreams still seem too far away or just not possible at the moment?

This simple tool will help you get yourself unstuck and on your way again.

BONUS #4 Worth $47

Divorce Be Gone, Let's Move On! The Webinar

This powerful recorded webinar covers the 5  steps you need to be aware of in order to move on from your divorce and create your new life.

All this is worth over $300 in total!

You get the course 'Who Am I? Reclaim Your Life After Divorce' PLUS the bonuses

Don't let a decision by another person hold you back a moment longer

This course is helping others make big changes in their understanding of themselves and their self-worth.

When we see ourselves as we truly are, when we drop what is holding us back, we can create a limitless life from today onwards. You deserve to live a wonderful life, full of what you want for yourself. If you are ready to end the suffering and move forward with purpose then give yourself the best gift, reclaim your true self and your life.